About Me



I am Carolyn Coffey, and I have a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from The University of Nebraska-Lincoln and am professionally licensed with the State of Nebraska as an Independently Licensed Mental Health Practitioner (LIMHP, CPC).

Why Choose Me?

I practice holistic, integrative counseling. When it comes to mental health therapy, the cutting-edge, most effective practitioners understand that the mind, body, and spirit are connected. I read the latest research concerning the mind, body, exercise, and nutrition and pass this information on to my clients. I help my clients address underlying biological, cognitive, nutritional, relational, and spiritual imbalances that affect mental health. In addition, I create a warm, open, and compassionate therapeutic environment, acknowledging that people have differing beliefs, values, experiences, and situations.

Depending on your individual wants and needs, I offer emotional support dogs, counseling from a Christian perspective, and many other therapeutic approaches. No matter the specific approach, my goal is always to help you achieve lasting, positive change and the feeling of empowerment.

My Mission

Having had corporate and small-business experience in psycho-social research, strength-based management, publishing, and entrepreneurship, I wanted to be intentional about how I spent the next chapters of my life. I chose to honor a long-held desire to walk with people through their most difficult struggles and distress on a path toward healing or on their journeys toward self-discovery, envisioning the achievement of their goals and the next chapters of their lives. I obtained a masters degree in counseling psychology with this goal in mind. Having worked in a trauma crisis intervention agency and also within a large church setting, I am pleased to be in private practice with an opportunity to fulfill this mission. 

I am blessed with a daughter who shares my interest in integrative mental healthcare. She is pursuing a Ph.D. in clinical health psychology at The Ohio State University. When not in the office, I am often playing with my two Yorkie Poos, who join me at work as emotional support/therapy-dogs-in-training, depending on client preference. Relationships are a top priority for me, so I love spending time catching up with family and friends, and activities such as cooking, reading, writing, music, hiking, cycling, kayaking, traveling, structured dance classes. I also participate in classes and volunteer within ministries at my church.

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